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IN THE ZONE Counseling

Faith Based Counseling

At In The Zone Counseling, we believe that spirituality is a powerful resource when attempting to overcome life’s problems. Faith-based counseling takes a holistic approach to growth and healing. Because our spiritual beliefs affect all areas of our lives, faith-based counseling takes the spiritual beliefs and applies them to the presenting issue. It can be difficult to find a licensed counselor who will take a faith-based approach to mental health, substance abuse, and relationship problems. However, we have seen many examples of change as spiritual principles are applied. This experience has helped many people find solutions to their problems in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. The goal in faith-based counseling is to address the problems and also provide healing, by utilizing principles of faith. We at IN THE ZONE COUNSELING believe that spirituality provides hope and help to achieve freedom from any problem.

Selecting a therapist can be challenging because you want to find that individual who fully understands you and the difficulties you’re facing.  We don’t know each other, but I hope by getting to know me, you will want to start a conversation.

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